Member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association, East Kootenay Chamber of Mines and AME BC


We provide a positive safe work environment and maintain a superior level of service.

FB Drilling Ltd.

FB Drilling is a Canadian owned and operated company. We  research the latest technology, in both exploration diamond drilling industry and human resources training.

Video clip of FB Drilling featured in Rocks to Riches which has been shown in Germany and Europe. 

We are here to provide a safe economical solution to your Diamond Drilling exploration needs.

We have acquired a large selection of new diamond drills and road building equipment to perform successfully  and without costly down time during the program.

All of our employees complete a extensive pre training and on site training to ensure quality and client satisfaction can be fulfilled. All clients special requirements are adopted and integrated into the extensive FBD safety manual to further advance safety.

Safety, Environment and Community relations are FB Drilling's most important mandates next to the successful completion of your program.